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Starting from scratch in a big city truly shaped me. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, but through the challenges, I found strength and valuable friends. My quest for a place that resonated with my heart led me to more than just business growth—it sparked a journey of self-love and discovery.


I'm shaping the future of tech and entrepreneurship in Dubai. Leading the Algorand community, being the Director of Startup Grind Dubai and through Najera Ventures, I open doors for entrepreneurs by creating experiences where they can connect with the right investors, clients and partners.

I love creating content on Youtube, TikTok and Instagram, where I romanticize Dubai's entrepreneurial lifestyle. But at the core, my mission is deeply personal: to inspire women to live a life filled with bliss and purpose.

Start where you are or welcome to DUBAI

Where everything is possible

  • Global Innovation Hub: Leading the way in AI, Web 3, and Blockchain.

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Unleashing opportunities for growth and collaboration.

  • A Blend of Tradition & Modernity: Embrace a culture that fuels creativity and connection.

  • Tax-Free Earnings: advanced tax system in the world.

  • High Quality of life: extremely safe, modern infrastructure and world-class healthcare and education.

  • Vibrant Culture: more than 90% of the population is international.

Image by Wael Hneini

Ready to upgrade your life with me? Let's do this.

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