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Starting from zero in a big city was not easy but it was key to develop skills and connections to flourish as an entrepreneur. Finding a city/ community that fits with my values was a beautiful journey. All led me to self-discovery and self-mastery. Now I am happy in Dubai helping entrepreneurs to develop a sustainable business based on authenticity, using technology to be more scalable and connecting with the right partners, investors, and clients.


I'm shaping the future of tech and entrepreneurship in Dubai. Leading the Algorand community, being the Director of Startup Grind Dubai and through Najera Ventures, I open doors for entrepreneurs.

I love creating content on TikTok and Instagram, where I romanticize Dubai's entrepreneurial lifestyle. But at the core, my mission is deeply personal: to empower the next wave of women leaders in tech.

Start where you are or welcome to DUBAI

Where everything is possible

  • Global Innovation Hub: Leading the way in AI, Web 3, and Blockchain.

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Unleashing opportunities for growth and collaboration.

  • A Blend of Tradition & Modernity: Embrace a culture that fuels creativity and connection.

  • Tax-Free Earnings: advanced tax system in the world.

  • High Quality of life: extremely safe, modern infrastructure and world-class healthcare and education.

  • Vibrant Culture: more than 90% of the population is international.

Image by Wael Hneini

Ready to upgrade your life with me? Let's do this.

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